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If you are reading this website it probably means that you have just been informed that you have prostate cancer. Your doctors and specialist medical staff will have explained the pro's and con's of the treatment options which are available. They will provide you with a mass of literature to take home with you to help you decide which treatment you prefer - it's your choice!

But its a big decision! That's where we may be able to help. If you are not sure what to do and you feel that you need more information or a better understanding as to what is involved, this is where members of our group may be of assistance to you. We are not medically qualified nor are we NHS employees and therefore do not offer medical advise but we have personal experience of prostate cancer and have been through the same decision making process you will find yourself in.

Our members would be pleased to meet you and answer any questions yo may have regarding various treatments and experiences. We may be able to alleviate some of your fears by describing how we made our own decisions, what questions we found useful to ask the doctors, whether individuals believed their decisions were good ones or with hindsight should they have explored other options.

Whatever decision you make it's important that you are confident that you have explored all the options and understand the implications both medically and personally. The latter is where we think we might be of help.

Please remember cancer is a life changing event for you, your partner and your family, so please bring tem along and involve tem in your decision making.

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